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ISPG Talk – The Series

ISPG Talk – The Series will be held every week from the first week of February until first week of April 2021 with the target participants are students, professionals, practitioners, and academics. The topic of ISPG Talk – The Series is aligned with the theme of the ISPG Research Forum 2021 so that it is hoped that the participants can better understand the goals of the government to achieve along with the strategies and steps that will be taken regarding oil and gas production target 2030.

ISPG Talk – Zoom Recording

  • Field optimization
  • Acceleration through digitalization
  • Stranded Discovery
  • Reserve-Replacement Ratio (RRR)
  • POD to POP
  • Production acquisition
  • Greening the Brownfield
  • Fast Track Exploration & Development
  • New ideas of well log analysis for maximizing production
  • Reservoir modelling
  • Surface and near surface geological modelling
  • Unconventional reservoir production
  • Drilling, geological operation, production for development
  • Optimization Field Development Strategy
  • Well Spacing and Well Interference Impact
  • Type Well Profiles, early data estimates, and impacts of lifecycle updates
  • Technology application of big data, IoT, and IIoT for field of the future
  • Seismic, non seismic, and geostatistical methods
  • Machine Learning in Petroleum Geoscience
  • Geomechanics & pore pressure
  • Well Drilling & operation geology
  • Environmental issue and management
  • Energy diversification and sustainability
  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
  • Commerciality & decision making

Student Competition

Student competition is a series of ISPG Research Forum 2021 events that go hand in hand with ISPG Talk – The Series in the Pre-Event. Student competition will be held in the second week of February until second week of April 2021. The main target of participants in this student competition is students, in which a team is required to consist of more than a university, which aims to increase the spirit of collaboration and synergy. The series of student competitions begins with a workshop / technical meeting, data analysis, producing output in the form of a report, and ends with a final presentation and announcement of winners at the main event of the ISPG Research Forum 2021.

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