Below are the terms and conditions of becoming an ISPG Member:

1. A member of ISPG shall meet the following requirements:
1.1 A professional working in the field of petroleum geology or geophysics
1.2 Has graduated from his/her bachelor study and an active member of IAGI

2. Membership fee:
FREE if you are already a member of IAGI. Register to be a member of IAGI here.

3. Rights and Obligations of becoming an ISPG Member


The ISPG Member has the right to vote for ISPG President in the voting period
Any discount or cashback from any course or forum held by ISPG
Special price for purchasing scientific paper sold in ISPG website
Regular newsletter from ISPG to your registered email
Becoming a priority in every event held by ISPG
Other facilities announced from official media of ISPG


Actively involved in ISPG events
Maintaining the good relationship among other Indonesian Petroleum Geologists

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