Indonesia Energy Strategy Towards Sustainability: A Panoramic Overview Government In Managing Fossil Energy and Energy Transition

A pre-Event of the 5th ISPG research forum 2022 was held event Exhibition Webinar. First webinar on January 29, 2022. Two remarkable speakers, first from Petroleum Industry Practitioner, Moektianto Soeryowibowo and the second represent of government, Vice President Bidang Perencanaan SKKMIGAS Arri Ardjuna. The talk was moderated by Marcelino Yonas, S.T.,M.T as Lecturer Geological Engineering of University Cendrawasih Jayapura Papua Province, however due to internet connection issues, and replaced by Widiastuti N, Farida, ST from IAGI/Pertamina Hulu Rokan.

First talk about Indonesia Energy Strategy Towards Sustainability A Panoramic Overview by Moektianto Soeryowibowo. Oil and gas will continue to play its role in the overall energy balance. However, there is limited window to explore and exploit oil and gas resources to align with the milestones of zero carbon agenda and considering lead time to monetize discoveries.

Pressure from climate issues have significantly impacted the business strategy of major oil and gas players as well as financial institutions; now green business and products become a requirement such situation impacted the nature of investment in oil and gas business.

The need of energy will continue to rise, including oil and gas. Need to set up new paradigm in setting more flexible regulation to attract investors otherwise it will remain untapped. Government should focus on “value creation” so we can optimally discover, and exploit oil and gas resources existed underground put more weight on multiplier impacts rather than direct revenue. Focus on producing basins: lower risk and quicker monetization; conduct basin scale evaluation and add new 3D seismic data to discover missing opportunities. This strategy will support the Indonesia government target on 1 million bopd & 12 bscfd in 2030.

Second talk about Government Strategy in Managing Fossil Energy and Energy Transition by Arii Ardjuna. The government especially SKKMIGAS had aware and follow the strategy business of major oil and gas company to transition energy. SKKMIGAS play major role on give input to Indonesia Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources on business strategy and regulation to get more investor to invest within country.

The energy needs in Indonesia still higher in future. Due these challenges, the government target 1 million bopd and 12 bscfd by 2030. This is not easy, but government play major role to update the strategy of production in short term and long term, government started to implement pilot project and regulation on clean energy.

To achieve the target of 1 million bopd and 12 bscfd by 2030, the government does not focus only on existing production field but new strategy of exploration to discovery new resources will plays major role as well.  For example, field as Banyu Urip now is play major role on keep balance of oil production, however in future near and short-term government still need two until three times discovery as Banyu Urip.


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