ISPG Memoir I : Exploration and Operation Geology

Because of the maturation of the geological and technical knowledge curve from the over-pressured sedimentary basin, mud volcano, ISPG wanted to present the masterpieces of people and researchers around it. The valuable writings in this book are based primarily on the endless scientific field: Sidoarjo Mudflow or Sidoarjo Mud Volcano (LUSI) since the eruption in May 2006. Since then, the best techniques in impact mitigation engineering and the predictability of options for steps in the future have been developing rapidly. However, the pure technical experience of the people at the time of the LUSI eruption was a valuable foundation for IAGI – ISPG manner that remained to address the technical data on surface and subsurface geology. We dedicate the extraordinary dedication to this book, Leo Anis (late) who presented his last writing and died in 2019.