ISPG Research Forum Pre-Event I – Arabian Night

Arabian Night is a pre-event of the upcoming ISPG Research Forum. The pre-event was held on Friday, May 24th 2019 at NHO Elnusa Energy building (Figure 1). The event was divided into three parts which were iftar, talkshow and interactive games.

Figure 1. The pre-event I of ISPG Research Forum – Arabian Night

The talkshow was moderated by Mellinda Arisandy from Petronas Indonesia and consisted of three inspiring keynote speakers as mentioned below (Figure 2):

1. Shinta Damayanti as Head of Exploration from SKK Migas.
She explained about 10 focus exploration potential areas out of 128 basins in Indonesia (North Sumatra – Mesozoic Play, Kutai Offshore – Deltaic Deepwater Play, NE Java & Makassar Strait – Pre Tertiary Play, Buton Offshore – Miocene Build Up Carbonate Play, Northern Papua – Plio Pleistocene & Miocene Sandstone Play, Bird’s body – Jurassic Sandstone Play, Warim – Jurassic Sandstone Play). By consecutive process with objective for discovering Giant Fields, Indonesia through SKK Migas started G&G Days on last 2018, this year we revisited Regional Play Based, next year 2020 will drill 2 up to 9 in play opener, then 2023 we get Big Fish Discoveries.

2. Ferry Yustiana as Team Leader Exploration from Equinor Indonesia.
She enrolled as a women leader with more than 15 years of experiences in Indonesian oil and gas industry both as a technical professional and a leader. She explained how women can strongly experienced in this industry by not only being an ordinary employee through keep doing our best and always create continuing our lives plan. One of the things is woman can be great in work performed to advance the technical or non technical aspects, also excellent in managed and supervised their subordinate in a certain team/department.

3. Nisa Pujiresya as Account Manager from IHS Markit.
She explained how the upstream energy industry offers very insight content and expertise for women careers by always improves efficiency, outpace other colleague and drive growth with solutions. As one of the innovative development program from her company is Board Mentorship Program for Women. It is such a program that designed to build the ranks of female candidates for boards of directors. The type of systematical mentoring can provide a crucial stepping stone to enable otherwise highly qualified women to take up all the managerial or top roles in various industries, also taking an innovative approach in creating opportunities for women, not only in technical aspects.

Figure 2. The moderator and inspiring keynote speakers of the talkshow

The event was a success and the participants were active and showed great enthusiasm (Figure 3).

Figure 3. The speakers and participants of Arabian Night