Application and Noise Analysis of Passive Seismic Method for Hydrocarbon Reservoir



Passive seismic data acquired at different fields above proven hydrocarbon reservoir shows characteristic spectral anomaly at low frequency approximately between 1–6 Hz. This spectral anomaly is called hydrocarbon microtremor (HM) signal. This nature of spectral anomaly is developed and have been used as a technique to provide information about the presence of hydrocarbon reservoir or direct hydrocarbon indicator (DHI). This study is the application of passive seismic method for ‘ATA’ field appraisal. Several techniques are used to extract the information about the presence of hydrocarbon reservoir based on spectral and polarization attributes. Variation of attributes value is mapped and interpreted. However, spectral and polarization analysis without considering the noise will cause misinterpretation or pitfall. Thus, noise analysis must be performed to observe the noise contribution to HM signal. The results obtained in this study provide spatial distribution of attributes value, potential location of hydrocarbon reservoir, and how significant is the noise contribution in the resulting spectrum and attributes value.


Authors : M. F. Akbar, Afnimar, A. D. Nugraha, D. Ramadhan, G. Mulyanagara