Comparison Between Correlation Dimension and Seismic Attribute of Frequency Using Empirical Mode (2011)



The method of correlation dimension and seismic attribute of frequency had been compared. In this case, the Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) method had been used firstly before the comparison. EMD had been proven in enhancing the quality of seismic data by reducing the noise and clarifying the anomaly based on the paper of Huang et al (1998). In EMD, the signal was extracted to be some of Intrinsic Mode Function (IMF), which the best was chosen to be used in advanced processing. After the process of correlation dimension and the frequency of seismic attributes of the best IMF, the results are then compared. The best result is that could indicate the presence of the reservoir more clearly than others. Based on the results, correlation dimension method can be considered good enough to be used in reservoir delineation, but it required definitive data regarding the position of the zone prospects for the right trace in determining the parameters properly. The delineation using the sweetness is able to prove the hydrocarbon anomaly clearly, but this method will consider all the strong reflector as prospect zones so that it is not significant for noise filtering.

Keywords : correlation dimension, seismic attribute, empirical mode decomposition, delineation


Author : N. M. Wilasari, S. Fatimah  Dr.rer.nat. Wiwit Suryanto