Identification of Low Impedance Gas Reservoir Using Velocity Variation with Offset (VVO)



This paper presents an alternative way in identifying hydrocarbon presence in the reservoir based on velocity information instead of amplitude information. Hydrocarbon presence, especially gas, has been identified using AVO attributes for many years. Now, Velocity Variation with Offset (VVO) method available as alternative. The idea is obtained based on fact that gas accumulation will increase anisotropy of the reservoir (Supriyono,, 2012). The formulation of VVO was derived based on seismic anisotropy equation in rock with weak polar anisotropy (Thomsen, 2002). VVO method has been applied on synthetic model with known target. The VVO attributes were presented along with AVO attributes. The anisotropy parameters were successfully derived as well. The result is consistent and correlates with AVO attributes.


Authors : Mufied Ahmad, Wahyu Triyoso