Metode Pendeskripsian Batugamping Untuk Karakterisasi Reservoar Hidrokarbon



The core/SWC and ditch cuttings data of limestone samples are importantly optimized for their descriptions to get better understanding in reservoir characterization such as: lithofacies and visible porosity. The methods are consists of: regional review (type of carbonate complex), local and detail determinations includes: core recovery, textural characterization, organism abundance, specific features, type and porosity percentage that produce the visible porosity. The precise calculations of visible porosity and genetic forming of pores that includes the cementations are used to determine the cementation index (e.g.: m in Archi’s formula) that change for both vertical or lateral distributions.
Keywords: Core/SWC, cuttings, limestone, diagenetic and depositional facies


Author : Premonowati