Porosity Reservoir Modelling Telisa Sandstone Formation, RVY Field South Sumatera Based on Log Data and Inversion Seismik



Formation Telissa is located on RVY Field part of South Sumatera Basin. Telissa formation is form by Telissa Group that consists of some formation are Talangakar Formation, Baturaja Formation and Gumai Formation. Telissa sandstone Formation consists of clay, glauconite limy sandstone, limy sandstone and thin layer of limestone. In exploration and development activity, know about porosity distributing an area is very important. At subsurface condition, determine value of porosity a rock is just can’t see that rock like to rock description. Except, if there is exist data core. But limited core data, must we do analysis porosity by another subsurface data: data log, well data and seismic data, in this case use Attribute Seismic. Porosity analysis will help to decrease failed risk in drilling. In the same manner as we know that carbonate rock have heterogenic porosity. Integration from data above give information in research area, there are can divided into 3 zone, Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3. In porosity analysis at RVY Field make cross plot from well log and seismic attribute, so can determined area of prospect at RVY Field.


Author : Revy Zeviana Arsyi, ST