Quantitative Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Expulsion From The Meliat Formation in Sembakung Block North East Kalimantan



Sembakung block is located 450 kms to the north of Samarinda, East Kalimantan . This block, geologically is part of Tarakan Basin. Many wells have been drilled in this area and several of them discovered hydrocarbon. Shale from Meliat Formation is well-known effective source rock in this block. The aim of this study is to calculate the quantity of hydrocarbon can be expelled from Meliat Formation. This volumetric method needs several parameters or data such as kerogen type, total organic carb-on, hydrogen index, maturation, shale density, shale thickness, source rock volume, kitchen area and geological process in the basin. Source rock volume from Meliat Formation in Tarakan sub basin is 7583 mil3. The expelled hydrocarbon from the source rock are 46.75 BBO and 169.70 TCFG. The migrated hydrocarbon are 9.35 BBO and 50.91 TCFG. The hydrocarbon is trapped and preserved in reseroir rock with amount of 2.81 BBO and 15.27 TCFG. In the Sembakung and Bangkudulis oil field, hydrocarbon expulsion formed coin-cide with the development of structures.


Authors : Mohamad Wahyudin & Bambang Supriyadi