Work Floor Unit (WFU) For Well Service in Depleted & in Mature Field



Wonocolo is a place where 36 oil wells are operated by local people. Some of them are produced using traditional method. They lift the oil from the well using chamber that pulled by human. The operation is safe although there is no pressure security device. The well is in a safe condition due to: Low reservoir pressure (depleted), High water cut and No gas production. This traditional method can produce oil 2000 ltrs/day (12.5bopd). Those wells are economic due to it is produced using traditional method with very low operating cost.
Work Floor Unit is a unit for well servicing instead of using snubbing unit or work over rig. This unit is used only for depleted and shallow well. The WFU equipments consist of Crane, BOP, Komey unit (BOP accumulator), Power Pack, Choke manifold, Power tong, Spider slip, Mud pump, and Mud tank. This minimal equipment can be used due to the well secured by the existing condition as Wonocolo wells condition. This equipment is efficient enough to be used for old well but does not deny the well security device.
Kondur Petroleum SA is one of KKKS which operate Malacca strait block. Kondur had conducted research for Work Floor Unit to be applied in the X field. X field is a mature field that produced since 1986. The characteristic of the well are: Shallow well (around 1000ft), vertical well, low reservoir pressure (around 200psi), and high water cut (around 95%). The research concludes that there are benefits to use this unit in the old wells with characteristic as above. The benefit of applying this units are: Lower cost, faster well operation time and faster moving time but still in safe operation.


Authors : Bambang Sadarta, Hariadi M Hasyim, Rien Hartono, Syamsuar Syarif, Hendarto & Dian Nur Cahyono