Frequently Asked Questions for ISPG Research Forum 2019

It’s just four months away before the ISPG Research Forum 2019! The registration and submission stage are now open!  Have you got any questions relating to these stages? Take a look on the frequently asked questions below :

1.  Q : After submitting my abstract, what step do I need to do next?

A : You need to wait for the committee to email you about the result from our reviewers. The announcement will be sent on August 6th 2019.

2.  Q : When do I need to pay?

A : Payment is required after the announcement of accepted abstracts.

3.  Q : How should I make my abstract? Is it only based on my idea from any topic?

A : Any idea is fine as long as it’s relevant to the topic that will be presented.

4. Q : So what I need to do is to present the idea in the form of abstract, right?

A : That’s correct.

5. Q : Is it okay to write the abstract in Bahasa Indonesia?

A: No, the abstract should be written in English.

6. Q : Do I need to be a member of IAGI or ISPG to participate in this event?

A : No, you don’t.

7. Q : Will the forum be similar to seminars or FGD?

A : The forum will be like a Gallery Walk. To find out more about what a Gallery Walk is, please visit this page :