ISPG Evening Talk : How to Adapt in 4.0 Era of Data

The first ISPG Evening Talk after Ramadan’s break was held on Thursday, July 4th 2019 at Yudhistira & Bima Room – Energy Building, South Jakarta. The discussion was about “How to Adapt in 4.0 Era of Data” by Mr. Epo P. Kusumah, a lecturer from Pertamina University (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Mr. Epo P. Kusumah as the Speaker of ISPG Evening Talk.

Mr. Epo’s first session was about his research related to the pseudo well log analysis in which he synthetically generates the log using constrain from log pattern of nearby wells. He talked about the Multi-Resolution Graph-based Clustering (MRGC) that automatically determines the optimal number of clusters without prior knowledge about the structure or cluster numbers of the analyzed data set and allows the users to control the level of detail which is actually needed in case to define the electrofacies (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Mr. Epo explaining about big data from geologists perspective.

The second session began after the Maghrib prayer, starting from the logic of machine learning. He mentioned about the importance of data quality and data conditioning is very important and took mainly the process. The investment of the knowledge and the effort will be needed once we move with the machine learning. He also simulated a demo using Google Engine, which the data can be easily downloaded in real time, and the user may change the equation on the fly of the engine. He began with the filter of the clouds, and vegetation around, and several iteration until it produces expected map which showed the depositional environment of Mahakam Delta.

This event was attended by students, fresh graduates, and experts who were curious about the basic of Machine Learning. Furthermore, ISPG will provide discussion pod for those who are curious about the latest technology related to oil and gas industry (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Our Curious Participants of ISPG Evening Talk.