3D Seismic Multi Attribute Application to Determine SWB-3ST Well Location (2007)



Seismic multi attribute analysis of 3D seismic data presents a great opportunity for reservoir characterization. Correlation between combined various P-wave seismic attributes and existing wells has been applied to 60 km2 of seismic over a A-Sand reservoir in Southwest Betara (SWB) Field of Jabung Block, South Sumatra Basin. The field has produced oil since first production in late 2005 from the ASand Formation. To generate A-Sand subsurface attribute distribution maps, interpretive systems were used to process the 3D PSTM and well data. The main problem in SWB is strong reflectivity orientation caused by the geometry of its structure which affects seismic resolution in A-Sand reservoir. A seismic multi attribute study has been carried out to solve this problem. Results indicate that this study was reliable in determining the best location for a new well SWB-3ST. By generating Sweetness attribute Instantaneous Frequency and Instantaneous Amplitude using certain equations, it shows similarity of A-Sand distribution compared to Sum Negative Amplitude attribute. These attributes can be used to delineate the A-Sand geological feature in SWB. Both Sweetness and Sum Negative Amplitude attributes provides the distribution and orientation of reservoir targets consistent with well data. It has been successfully used to define the distribution of ASand layers deposited in a fluvial system setting at SWB Field, Jabung Block. Result of this study has significantly minimized the risk of proposing additional development well locations.


Author : M. N. Alamsyah, W. Sutjiningsih, L. P. Marpaung, S. Marmosuwito, I Nyoman Suta, Lu Xiaoguang, B. Sincock, A. Subekti