An Application of Sand-Timer Model to Represent the Prosperous Prospective Resources Through Commercial Reserves



The Inventory of prosperous oil and gas resources in Indonesia was placed in emphasis for better manage the sustainability of Indonesia future supply of energy. Suitable strategy for estimating the potential hydrocarbon supply from exploration speculative resources through reserves supply is mandatory to implement. In Indonesia‟s reserves management, technical subsurface evaluation from resources to reserves stages needs to rejuvenate pervious basic inventory (tabulated over 2500 portfolios structures and 1000 portfolios fields). The efforts to manage such number of assets are become more important since the cost for finding the hydrocarbon and to achieving Indonesia‟s oil production at above 1 million barrel is mandated by the regulation. In application to reach such mission, the technical managerial agency for upstream oil and gas activities in Indonesia, have come with the conclusive, that the rejuvenation in resources to reserves definition and classification would create better sight for both side of contractor and regulator.
The rejuvenation resources to reserves for portfolio asset management in Indonesia was modified some previous SPE/WPC/AAPG Guidelines into each suitable aspect of technical data availabilities and administration procedures to commercialization. Those criteria‟s was segregated by the differentiation of the prerequisite in certain geological, geophysical and reservoir engineering data on each stage and area of investigation. Each stage will represent each probability, such as: the occurrence of hydrocarbon, the exposure of hydrocarbon reservoir, the gain of certainty hydrocarbon volumetric, and the ability to flow the hydrocarbon into subsurface and the ability to produce such volume of hydrocarbon as it is discovered by the exploration effort. The focus to determine specific criteria based on the area of investigation are to honor the sanctity of the contract “PSC”.
To apply sand timer model in resources to production assurance process, common technical understanding was build to create synergy between engineers. It is to pursue to estimating the deterministic probability of recoverable reserves from scattered speculative stochastic probability calculation from the geosciences. Consequently, detailed and thorough accessibility of elementary data into advance data collection are the main target to accomplish of this meticulous need to implement the technical and financial strategies.


Authors : G. W. Agusetiawan, A. H. Rustam, R. H. Pardede