Sequence Stratigraphy of Bayah Formation at Banten Area Based on Core of DDH-1 Well and DDH-2 Well



This paper presents new information on the sequence stratigraphy of the Bayah Formation in Bayah Area of Banten Province, based on palynological and palynofacies data from core of DDH-1 (242m) and DDH-2 (315m). The samples were taken on a systematic sampling of 5 meter interval. There were 47 samples of DDH-1 and 62 samples of DDH-2 acquired. Sediment preparation was done in Palynology Laboratory, Geology Department of ITB Laboratory in adherence to the standard methods in the Lab. The examination of the processed samples was carried out with light microscope at 400X magnification. Palynological and palynofacies assemblages were used to construct a palynostratigraphic and paleoenvironmental framework for the sequences analysis. The result revealed that the age of Bayah Formation range from upper part of Middle Eocene to Late Eocene with depositional environment varies and repetitive from fluvial plain to estuarine. Based on palynosequence analysis, there were 7 depositional sequences. Going from old to young age respectively were sequence 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Palynosequence on Bayah Formation of DDH-1 core and DDH-2 core showed correlation at sequence 4 and sequence 5.


Authors : Bob Yuris Chandra, A. T. Rahardjo, Dardji Noeradi