Comparison Diagenesis and Porosity Development of Kalibeng Formation in Outcrop-HIW and Outcrop-NDL, Juwangi, Grobogan


Carbonate rocks that exposed in an outcrop (named Outcrop-HIW) shows facies that different enough with another outcrop (named
Outcrop NDL). The objectives of this research are to compare diagenetic processes and depositional environments between carbonte rock
that exposed in Outcrop-HIW and Outcrop-NDL, and to discern the interconnection between diagenesis and porosity development of
carbonate rocks of the Kalibeng Formation. A detailed diagenetic and porosity development study was carried out from several thin
sections of outcrops using a polarization microscope and detailed outcrops description. Kalibeng Formation that exposed in reserached
outcrops has undergone complex diagenetic processes.. From knowing the diagenetic processes, diagenetic hystory of Kalibeng
Formation can be interpreted. Porosity of researched outcrops is mostly secondary, that highly modified by multiple diagenetic
processes. Outcrop-NDL shows diagenetic processes that more complexes than Outcrop-HIW, this is because outcrop-NDL has greater
burial effect or diagenesisprocesses than outcrop-HIW, and of course it will influence in type and quantity of the porosities.
Keywords: Diagenesis, Porosity, Kalibeng Formation