Design Concept of Pertamina Exploration & Production (E&P) GIS Base Map Data-Base



Base map is one the important data-bases required during E&P activities from preliminary,early survey until production operation. Some problems often happen during the activities like overlap concession boundary, deviation of drilling location etc., caused by no uniformity and inaccurate base map. Other problem is most of the data at present are kept as hard copies that are easily worn out, difficult to update and to reproduce. In conjunction with the progress of technology and in relation with the vast growing data received from E&P activities like wells, seismic etc, the needs of quick and accurate data retrieval will require the forming of integrated base map data-base for the whole Indonesia. The result of forming base map data-base is expected to support the planning and continuities of activities. The steps in designing and forming base map database are to gather and construct base map database by layer of cultures, working areas, basins, shot-points, wells, prospect, production field etc. For example: layer of seismic and wells are gathered based on production field, working area and basin, in other word, it is necessary to design a system of relational indexing between layer, so that integrated of layers can be formed. With the applied system indexing to each layer above, the spatial and descriptive information can be served to support operation need.


Authors : Sofyan Gatot & D. Indra Basujanto