Geological Modeling in Beruk North Field, Coastal Plains Pekanbaru Block, Central Sumatra Basin, Indonesia



Beruk North Field is located in the southern part of Coastal Plains Pekanbaru (CPP) Block. The first exploration well was drilled in 1985 and the field has been producing since 1988. It has four ways dip closures resulting from highly structural influence. The complex structural setting and less data availability added with the high decline rate above 16% in the early 2007 and the cumulative production by the end of 2006 is around 36 % of initial reserve, has challenge us to work on a better understanding of the reservoir for future development.
This study which objective is for reservoir simulation and field development forecast, combined all available data (geology, geophysics & petrophysics) into a representative 3D geo-model. Core data provide stratigraphic marker and various depositional facies. The heterogeneity gained from core collaborated with well logs using multimin petrophysical analysis and MRGC electrofacies method. Controlled with detail structural framework, those properties are then distributed across the reservoir using stochastic modeling techniques. Obtained detail facies properties, geometry and distribution reduces infill drilling risk, better reservoir management and gives more accurate reserve calculation.
This innovation of good interpretation and the usage of high technology have overcome the less data problem and have successful in building an integrated 3D geological model of Beruk North field. Our understanding of connectivity’s between facies and petrophysical properties combined with production actualization has helped us in developing the Beruk North Field into a more productive field. Our 3D model have been proven successfully with the drilling of several infill wells in Beruk North Field this year where they had rejoicing initial productions.


Authors : Reza Satria N, Budi A, Doni H & Fadhil R