Preliminary Study of Hydrocarbon Potential in Old Oilwells of Pulau Panjang Field, North Sumatra



Reopening of old ollwells In Pulau Panjang field has provided an opportunity and a challenge to reevaluate hydrocarbon potential from the prospect zones, due the fact that very little open hole data is available. Study was aimed at evaluation of potential hydrocarbon zones and their depletion profile. A two-way method is deviced and adopted for the evaluation. For open hole analysis, due to lack of open hole data, lithology and porosity are determined from capture index logs and ratio of total inelastic/capture count-rate log respectively, from cased hole log data, and old Induction resistivity log with Indonesian saturation model is used for hydrocarbon saturation. For cased hole analysis, ratio carbon/oxygen and ratio calcium/silicon inelastic logs are used for the present day hydrocarbon estimations. Results of this study show that hydrocarbon reservoirs in Pulau Panjang field have varying degree of hydrocarbon depletion, heavy to light profile. Potential pay zones are rediscovered.

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Authors : Darwin Tangkalalo & Aadi P. Reddy