Regional Aspects of Pre-Tertiary Hydrocarbon Potential in Eastern Indonesia



The Eastern Indonesia Region encompasses the principle islands of Sulawesi, Irian Jaya, the Banda Arc and the Arafura Sea. Pre-Tertiary rocks in this region consist of sedimentary sequences which contain potential source, reservoir and sealing rocks for a petroleum generation and accumulation. Not as in the past, industry attention is now also focusing on Eastern Indonesia due to exploration successes in Pre-Tertiary of North West Shelf Australia and West Central Papua New Guinea. Identifying Pre-Tertiary basin in Eastern Indonesia at present, is difficult if not impossible. Overlying thick Tertiary sedimentary cover and subsequent extensive deformation had obscured the basin outlines and characteristics. Classification into “Exploration Play Areas” is suggested as long as sub-surface data is insufficient to support detail assessment. Five major Exploration Play Areas are recognized regionally: Paleozoic Peri-Cratonic Graben; Mesozoic Marginal • Rift Graben; Thrust Fold belt Zone; Microcontinental Blocks and Island Arcs. All the 5 Exploration Play Areas presently recognized, have demonstrated petroleum potential to a greater or lesser extent.


Authors : G.A.S Nayoan, Luki Samuel, M.G Rukmiati & Djoko N. Imanhardjo