Searching for Proven Reserves of Oil in Big Cities



Indonesia is becoming a net oil importer country when the rate of oil production is stepping down continuously while the oil consumption is getting higher. The government is then trying to pump the production up. However, by increasing the production without any finding new oil will destruct the future energy needs. In line with the ambitious target of production increase of 30% by 2009, Government of Indonesia (GOI) should take a smart strategy to fulfill the balance of energy supply-demand. While the oil price is high, maintaining ratio of Reserve to Production (RTP) could be taken from the portion of revenue of oil to searching more oil reserves or diversifying energy. In addition, the wind-fall of oil price could be used in the research and development of alternative energy, efficient fuel cars, comfortable mass transportation, smart&safe energy system and infrastructures, etc. Indonesia has a bunch of energy resources both renewable energy and non-renewable energy. However, to explore and exploit the resources needs a teens of years of hard and smart work. Therefore, to being a realistic, we must have an integrated blue print of energy policy. Limiting fossil fuel consumption or other non-renewable energy without finding out the alternatives and improving the system is unpopular and unwise policy. Based on the published data, and by shifting a paradigm, this paper will explore the steps of action that should be taken by government to balance the energy supply and its consumption for today and the future. One of the surprised results is that “a proven oil reserve” could be potentially found in big cities of Indonesia by saving and diversifying energy.


Author : Salis S. Aprilian