Seismic Characterization of CO2 Storage Candidates in Gundih and Surrounding Areas


Seismic AI inversion was conducted from the dataset
obtained from Gundih and its northern area, Central Java,
Indonesia. The target of this investigation is to determine
the best CO2 storage for planned CO2 injection that will be
carried out around mid 2015. This project will utilize the
CO2 emission from the production of the gas field which
reaches 20% of the total gas produced in Gundih area after
refining in Central Processing Plant (CPP).
The reservoir target is situated in Ngrayong Sand
formation, with depth around 800m from the earth surface.
The challenges of this work arise since the availability of
log data in this formation is very limited. However, AI
inversion could still be carried out by making use 2D
seismic and 2 well data. The goal is to predict the elastic
properties in Gundih and surrounding areas. Beside AI
inversion, attribute seismic were also implemented to the
existing data.
The result shows that the good storage could not be found
in the central of Gundih area, because there is a leakage
indication in the geology structure especially in the
northern area of the Gundih. So the further study will be
concentrated in the northern part which is around 20 km
away from the location of CPP where we can find a closure
to sequestrate the CO2.