Seismic Value of Information from The Reacquisition Projects in Mature Fields, Central Sumatra Basin



Quantifications of the seismic value of information in mature fields have become common practices in Central Sumatera Basin operations. Such efforts were economically intensive similar to the ones of proposing new wells to the company management and the Government of Indonesia. The overall justification of acquiring new seismic data involved assessing any limitations of the existing seismic data to further improve field reservoir characterization and hence was proposed to be reacquired with better parameters but not necessarily for the purpose of the time-lapse interpretation. Accordingly, economic benefits of the future seismic data were put into tangible economic cases through decision analysis of the new seismic as perfect information over the field base production forecast. Decision to reacquire seismic data was considering various methods of reviewing the optimal use of the old data, optimum reservoir management efforts of the field, remaining oil opportunities, proof that the existing data insufficient to develop this remaining reserves, analog of better data from neighborhood fields, and benefits of having the new data. Translating the seismic data into economic benefits during this process reveals the value of information of the seismic data in most of mature fields of the Central Sumatera Basin operations, where it involved supporting optimization of the field to validate and move the existing contingent resources  into proved reserves to increase production of the field by drilling several new wells never considered before with the existing data or would have not been drilled because of lack of good data to pinpoint the locations.


Author : Adi Widyantoro