Tertiary Plate Tectonics and Basin Evolution in Indonesia



The complex processes resulting in basin formation and inversion during! the Tertiary evolution of Indonesia owe their origin to the interplay between the Indian, Eurasian, Australian and Pacific lithospheric plates. Within the framework of these major plates and their relative motions, a large number of microplates may be recognised, their evolution and relative motions being constrained by those of the larger plates. Treated as small rigid units, the micropiate boundaries define the sites of basin formation. Their kinematic histories outline the major causes of the formation and subsequent inversion of basins throughout the region. This paper outlines the plate tectonic framework of Indonesia throughout the Tertiary in a series of reconstructions, and considers the constraints that this implies for microplate motions and basin histories.


Authors : M.C Daly, B.G.D Hooper & D.G Smith