The Electing Alterntive Supplier of Drilling Oil and Gas Services with PROMETHEE Method



There are a lot of theories or methods of Decision making for elected or choose the best supplier from suppliers who give an offer. To find Decision Making solution is not so easy, because it face to the Alternative (suppliers) with their own excess with conflicting from each criteria.
PROMETHEE (Preference Ranking Organization Method for Enrichment Evaluation) is a method which can used to solve the Decision Making problem, it included to MADM (Multiple Attribute Decision Making) category and used an Outranking principle method. PROMETHEE developed by Prof. J.P. Brans (Belgium) and completed with PROMCALC software.
There were 4 suppliers/ alternative (Al, A2, A3, A4) who gives the offered and joint a bid bond, we fixed a factor of Drilling’ Oil and Gas which influential to judgment Alternative (criteria). The criteria is Drilling Tool (C 1), Total Cost (C2), Time (C3), Human Resources (C4), Facilities (C5), then we have to fixed the value of each criteria with Statistical Data from responders. The responders are from PT. XYZ which have influence position in drilling activity. The judgment by accuracy data (from Bid Bond Document) such as: Total Cost, Time, Human Resources and Estimation such as Drilling Tool, Facilities. Estimation judgment used an expert from PT.XYZ as Decision Maker by inspection and compared the data.
Definite the criteria which have different unit ($, day, people, etc) into the Generalize Type, to equalize the different unit. There are 6 Generalize Type with their own specific and characterize. Then we Fixed an Alternative Domination Link (Fuzzy Outranking) and Decision Aid. From those steps we can Fixed the best supplier who joint the bid bond and reasonable to be choose.


Author : Moch. Ariandi A.S