The Role of The Development Geologist in Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects in PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia


ABSTRACT : Integration of Geology, Geophysics; Reservoir Engineering and computer data management has had a major role in the technical process of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) projects. Development Geologists at PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia play an important role in providing the highest quality geological interpretation, with the available resources, to support the development and reservoir management of the EOR field. During the planning stage of EOR a reservoir characterization is described by the geologist. Geophysical data, log and core are interpretated and result in structure maps, correlation of sand bodies and reservoir attributes such as shale volume, saturation, porosity, permeability and cut offs. The thickness of the pays, sands and shales, fluid contacts and reservoir attributes are used to generate the related isopach maps. Depositional models of the field are incorporated with the above results for use in reservoir simulation studies by the Reservoir Engineering Group. The volume of geological data increases substantially during the life of an EOR project. Log and core data as well as reservoir rock response to fluid or steam injection are evaluated by the development geologist to improve reservoir characterization. Those are valuable data which will improve Reservoir Management of the EOR field. The application new technology, large data volume, and the new geological phenomenon observed during EOR project development will always be a challenge for the Development Geologist.


Authors : Tjatur S. Hartantyo & Bambang Poernama