Tight Carbonate Platform – A New Opportunity Reservoir in Musi Platform (2010)



Naya-F4 well is situated in the northern part of Naya field. The well was drilled in May 2008, but since it was tested (also in May 2008) Naya-F4 has never produced any significant amount of hydrocarbon, even though the mud log and wire-line log data and completion test at Naya-F4 well indicated a good show of HC. Platform carbonate limestones of Baturaja Formation (BRF) are the major components of the reservoir which developed in Naya-F4 well. The platform consists of mudstone – packstone and chalky limestone with poor porosity. In addition to the limestone mudstone – packstone, the lithology is predominantly mud, clay and fine silt carbonates, which eventually became dirt minerals since the solubility value of the limestone at this well became lower. In order to produce hydrocarbon in this well, a stimulation method was essential. Proppant hydraulic fracturing was the chosen option for stimulating Naya-F4 well, taking into consideration the low solubility value of the limestone reservoir. This stimulation method increased the production rate from no influx to approximately 90 BOPD, with 3% WC.


Author : Hestu SN, Joan CT, Febrian Asrul, Elisa Wijayati, Silvie Pujiastuti, Tri Iswachyono