Batupasir Beta Endapan Point Bar Diladang Dewa, Sumatera Selatan



The production in Dewa Field comes from the Talang Akar Formation. The most important oil producer from this formation is the Beta sand. This sand produced about 76% of the total Dewa production. The Beta Sand was interpreted as a point-bar deposited inside a meandering stream channel. Knowledge of the depositional environment of the Beta sand enables us to predict the diamter, thickness, geographic distribution, reservoir continuity. Knowing these characteristics leads to better contouring of the maps, solution of many exploration problems e.gL, well locations, perforating programs, planning for secondary projects, and as an aid in exploring for the extension of the field This concept was applied in Dewa Field. Of forty one wells drilled since 1971, the Beta sand was found in 37 wells, oil was produced from 20 wells and two wells were gas.


Author : A. Herman Martadinata