Biot Response to The Effects of Elastic Properties Variation in Reservoir Rock



Detailed information about responses of elastic waves that influenced physical properties of reservoir rocks has become an important part in seismic interpretation. Understanding seismic signal changes in poroelastic media are needed in order to know behavior of wave propagation in the heterogeneous reservoir rocks. However, it requires a modeling tool that can be used to develop applications of rock physics for reservoir characterization. We develop a 3-D numerical modeling with finite difference scheme to simulate wave propagation in homogen poroelastic media using Biot equations. For that purpose, we model a series of numerical experiments based on several physical conditions. Our results confirm that the model provide good seismic signal responds to the effects of elastic properties variations and also can show the relation between velocity and permeability. Velocity-permeability relation was estimated by varying the value of permeability in rock reservoir parameter.

Keywords: Biot’s equations, poroelastic media, seismic signal, Velocity-permeability relation


Authors : T. F. Niyartama, U. Fauzi, Fatkhan