Carbonate Facies of Pleistocene Reef Complex from Rembang Basin, East Java



Tanjung Kodok area is situated in the north coast of East Java. In the area, a carbonate reef complex is exposed, which is a part of the stratotype of the Paciran formation.
Result of this carbonate facies study indicated that the area exist of 4 carbonate facies, namely coralline algae packstone (CA), massive head coral framestone (MHC), delicate branching coral bafflestone (DBC), and breccia rudstone (BR) facies. Furthermore, analysis of the facies change cycles has shown that there are 5 periods of the reef development. Indication of the repeated reef development is indicated by the appearance of MHC. The prograding facies change pattern indicates transgressive reef development phenomena.


Authors : Premonowati & Wahyu Budi Setyawan