Innovative G&G Information Management



With advance in digital technology, Geology and Geophysics (G&G) world also take advantage of this improvement. Analog paper based log and map almost become an old story and being replaced rapidly with digital format. Since the last few years G&G world especially in Oil and Gas industries have been using and producing a huge amount of data. This huge amount of data is usually scattered and dispersed across numerous applications and datastore. These two facts pose significant challenge to information management in G&G environment. Information Management deals with capturing, storing, managing and accessing the valuable data. Traditional data management is usually accomplished with procedures, workflows, standards, master database and sets of data management tools. Not so user-friendly data management tools usually provide data access. This make the data management is back office activity because it usually did by IT or
information management department. Only a new innovative G&G information management that allows collaboration between geologist, geophysicist and IT or information management people that can bring more value. Among the reason are:

  • The people that actually knows quality of data is geologist and geophysicist not the IT or information management people.Interpretation results that are produced also need to be treated as
  • Interpretation results that are produced also need to be treated as valuable knowledge that must be captured, managed and reused.

The innovative G&G information management must satisfy at least the following requirements:

  • User-friendly interface and platform independent to allow desktop access to numerous database or application in any operating system from different vendor.Support full integration spectrum (aggregation, federation,
  • Support full integration spectrum (aggregation, federation, transfer and consolidation) with
  • Provide global search and comparison across multiple applications or datastore with e-mail notification
  • Ability to attach quality and context attribute to data
  • Capability to manage interpretation result.


Author : Imaduddin Alfajri