Research on Gas and Mud Blow Out in Pontang Area Banten Province (2011)



Marine Geological Institute of Indonesia had conducted a research on gas and mud blow out in Pontang Area, Banten Province. At the beginning, the research was meant to find out biogenic gas to be utilized for the local community. The research included mapping of gas potency and feasibility study to examine gas resources to be utilized for local community. Gas potency mapping was done in offshore and coastal areas utilizing marine geology and geophysic method. It includes shallow seismic, ground penetrating radar (GPR), hand auger and machine drillings, and sea bottom sampling. The method also comprises coastline changes, coastal characteristic mapping and tidal measurements for sea depth correction. Feasibility of gas resources for utilization was using flame test to examine its methane content. The research results show that the gas in Pontang Area – Banten Province could not be used as an alternative energy. Flame test on all gas blow out locations demonstrate no methane content. The gas was not belonged to biogenic but instead to volcanic gas which is characterized by abundances of H2S, SO2 and CO2.

Key words: research, gas blow out, Pontang, Banten


Author : Hananto Kurnio, I Nyoman Astawa