Reservoir Characterization Study to Delineate Dimension of Channel 8, Talang Akar Formation, Cinta Field, Sunda Basin



Cinta field is one of the largest oil fields in the South Business Unit of CNOOC’s Southeast Sumatra PSC. The main reservoirs of Cinta field are producing from the Talang Akar Formation. We divide the Talang Akar formation into 2 members in the PSC based on different depositional settings, the deltaic Gita and more fluvial Zelda members. In Cinta field most of the productive reservoirs occur in the Gita member; one of the sandstone reservoirs that produces oil from the Gita member called “Channel 8” and it has produced approximately 11 MMBO. Previous interpretations faced problems in delineating the dimensions of “Channel 8”. Delineating reservoir from non-reservoir units based on rock properties and seismic attributes is very important in highly complex reservoirs. Now in accordance with technology growth, we can minimize this problem by combining reservoir properties from log data with seismic attributes to derive a better map.
This paper describes how the combination of seismic attribute and well log data has been used to map the “Channel 8” reservoir distribution across the field. It presents the modeling used to support the “Channel 8” mapping. Based on this work a number of infill wells will be determined to maximize oil production from this unit.


Authors : Totok Sudibyo, Atmawan T, Ronnie P & Bernato V