Seismic Attributes for Reservoir Characterization to Determmine Sand Reservoir in X Field Tarakan Basin East Kalimantan



Seismic attributes analysis has been done at X field, in Tarakan Basin, East Kalimantan. X field is an oil and gas area, where the reservoir is sandstone, located in Tarakan Formation. The purpose of the seismic attributes analysis is to characterize the amplitude and phase anomaly to find sandstones reservoir in X field. Seismic attributes used in this analysis are complex attributes (amplitude envelope, instantaneous frequency, instantaneous phase and cosine instantaneous phase), inversion and multi attribute. Complex attributes were applied for the base of Tarakan Formation, and multi attribute were to get gamma ray section to determine sandstones reservoir on X field. The result of the analysis indicated consistency of the attribute character that showed amplitude and phase anomaly in X field. High amplitude anomaly and low frequency show sandstones reservoir and phase anomaly was to show base Tarakan Formation. Another result was gamma ray section to predict the existence possibility of sandstone reservoir below the well.


Authors : Warto Utomo, Feriyanto, Adi Susilo