Jatibarang Formation Based on Seismic Data



This research aims to map and estimate volume of reservoir trap of volcanic rock at Jatibarang formation. The interpretation of seismic data consists of three phases, which are: data collecting and information relating to interpretation requirement, interpretation phase which consist the determination of formation boundary in research area and also enumeration of deepness and thickness of rock formation. Mapping phase consisting of map of depth contour, isochrone contour, isopach, and calculating of Jatibarang Formation volume. The result of interpretation shows Jatibarang Formation has 123 – 840 meter thickness, and it is located between 2877 and 3759 meter depth. Total volume of Jatibarang Formation is about 55.344.609.002 m3 and volume of reservoir rock is about 58.212.500 m3.


Authors : Warto Utomo, Saifuddin, Asih Kurniati, M. Wira Heendi W, Adi Susilo, Hazwardi