Study of Sequence Stratigraphy in Siput Field and Surrounding Areas, West Natuna Basin, Indonesia, Based on Seismic, Wireline Logs, and Cutting Data


Nowadays, oil and gas reserves have started thinning while
needs of society of energy continue to grow. To satisfy
these needs, development in exploration sector must be
done like technology development and subsurface data
acqusition. Sequence stratigraphy became one of study that
could help for introducing and interpreting facies that could
decrease exploration risk and fix corelation of units for
This Study use two main data, they are well data and
seismic data. Eight well from this research useful for
knowing body of sequence vertically with big scale.
Meanwhile, two composite seismic from this research
useful for knowing the spreading of sequence horizontally
with smaller scale than well data.
In this study, writer determined six sequence that generated
from interpretation based on well data and seismic. In these
sequences, there are kind of System Tract that indicated
condition when sediment particles was deposited, they are
Lowstand System Tract, Highstand System Tract, and
Transgressive System Tract. System Tract can be useful for
interpretation potensial hydrocarbon propect that be stored
in a resevoir with the help from Depth Structure Map as
supported data.