The Coherence Cube Methodology Improves Seismic Interpretation Accuracy on Rantau Field Structural



The Coherence Cube Methodology enables GGR teams to verify their interpretations and clearly demonstrate why a given prospect should be drilled or field development. A major advance in 3D seismic imaging, the Coherence Cube reveals critical fault and stratigraphic information. Stratigraphic features are difficult to detect on vertical seismic lines because of their limited profile and on conventional time slices because they can cut through stratigraphic features. Map views of Coherence Cube data seismic afford the opportunity to see stratigraphic feature, such as channel features, more clearly. The application of the coherence cube process to interpretation on Rantau Field Structural Data indicate that there is a rapidly evaluate the accuracy of the interpretation and make necessary corrections in a timely manner.
Key word: Coherence Cube, Fault and Stratigraphic features


Author : Ramsi Irian, Budi Tamtomo, Salman Firdaus