Type of Lithology and It’s Result in Seismic Raw Data – Solution for Finding a Better Result (2011)



Seismic land survey in Indonesia generally using explosive for it source and assume all lithology give same respond. In reality every layer and lithology give different respond and make a different wave to each other, especially for energy that receive by geophone. This matter occur due to different characteristic in every layers such as type of lithology, porosity, mineral substances, hardness and many more. Some conditions where a litology has a high hardness level and small porosity we can presume it will be a good media for seismic data to travel. It is different radically when source placed in a litology which have a high porosity and low hardness level. Energy from the source not transfer effectively because almost all of it absorb by it media and give a poor respond to geophone. Purpose of drilling activity in seismic operation to placed explosive in appropriate litologhy through the weathering zone. Starting with analysis in each lithology with spectral analysis and compare the energy from explosive when it blast in each litology to find a better result.


Author : Tiggi C, Dicky E. P, Imam S. R