Using a 3D Deterministic and Stochastic GeoModel to Determine Infill Potential of a Mature Oil Field – A Case Study in Sabak Field



Discontinuous estuarine sands with highly variable porosity and permeability patterns pose a significant challenge for further development of mature onshore oil fields in Sabak Field, Central Sumatera Basin. To obtain an optimal strategy for further infill drilling, a multi-disciplinary reservoir characterization study was undertaken. This study combined all available data (geology, geophysics, and petrophysics) into a 3D deterministic and stochastic geo-model before various up-scaling methods could be considered for creating a reservoir simulation model.
Controlled with detail structural framework, severalgeological scenarios were designed for geological model. These scenarios include the type, dimension and direction of the facies of the main producing horizon with deterministic methods, distribution of porosity with stochastic method, and distribution permeability, and water saturation with transform method.
This 3D Geomodelwill help understanding of reservoir management better and provide opportunities propose several development wells for further exploitation the field.

Key words :Geomodel, reservoir management


Authors : Andy Fadly, Sri B. Rachmawati, W. Tirtasudira, Dicki Hendrian