Pull-Apart Basin Analysis Based on Riedel Shear Mechanism, Ombilin Basin, West Sumatera (2011)


Reseach area is part of Ombilin Basin which located NE of Padang City, West Sumatera province. Riedel shears structure are common fault pattern identified within shear zone and related to the embryonic stages of fault formation. This study focus on the geometry and the evolution of shear zone which are obtained from outcrop-natural scale of Pra-tersier rock, Tersier Rock and SRTM data. This model can be used in Ombilin Basin because this basin formed as a result from NW-SE dextral strike slip sumatera fault (SFZ) which cut Pra-Tersier rock and this fault still moving until now . At an early stage of the development of the deformation zone, Riedel shear showed the presence of dilatation within the rocks body and as a result of the srike slip fault movement flower structure geometry also develop in this area.The movement of strike slip sumatera fault clearly recorded in Pra-tersier Metasediment claystone in Sawahlunto part of Mergui Micro Plate (A. Pulonggono and N.R. Cameron, 1984) and also in sandstone outcrop which part of Sawahlunto Formation (Situmorang, et al, 1991). Keywords: Ombilin Basin, Riedel structure, Shear zones, Deformation.

Keywords: Ombilin Basin, Riedel structure, Shear zones, Deformation.


Author : Yulia Febri Yeni